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Men’s Walk #54 June 6-9 – Camp Jericho                       

Women’s Walk #54 June 13-16 Camp Jericho

June Gathering – June 15, 2019

The June Gathering will be at Goreville United Methodist Church, 116 W. Adams St., Goreville. This Gathering will be in conjunction with the Women’s Walk candlelight. We will start with food and fellowship at 7:30 pm followed by worship and Candlelight. Please bring a snack and a drink to share. There will be no board meeting.

July Gathering – July 13, 2019

The July Gathering will be at Mount Vernon First United Methodist Church, 1133 Main St. Mount Vernon. We will begin with a potluck to welcome the new pilgrims of Walk 54, the community supplies the food for the evening. This will be followed by worship.